Direct Cremation

As well as traditional burials and cremations, we can also cater for direct cremations in Stirling and Callander. If you are unsure whether a direct cremation is the correct choice for you or your loved one, our experienced funeral directors are available to provide advice and guidance, assisting you throughout the process.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremations are simple yet respectful cremations that do not involve mourners or a funeral service. By not incorporating many of the aspects associated with traditional funerals, a direct cremation has a much more low-key nature and is typically the most affordable funeral type. You can rest assured, however, that this doesn’t mean any compromise in the levels of care shown to the deceased. Our funeral directors will ensure they receive a dignified send-off by carrying out a professional ceremony at the crematorium. Following this, the cremated remains are then returned to the next of kin, or respectfully spread in the crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance.

Why Choose Direct Cremation?

There are a number of reasons that many people opt for a direct cremation as their favoured choice of funeral. As the most cost-effective option it is appealing when attempting to keep funeral costs as low as possible. Aside from the financial aspect though, direct cremations can offer the ideal funeral for those situations in which a simple, understated send-off is preferred. This may be down to personal beliefs, or simply to avoid the responsibilities and difficulties associated with arranging a funeral. Direct cremation also allows for much more freedom when it comes to how and when you or your loved one’s final farewell takes place. Following the cremation the ashes are returned to the next of kin, offering the opportunity to arrange a memorial at an alternative time and place. It is popular to hold a ceremony at a location that the deceased had a connection with, scattering their ashes and giving everybody in attendance the chance to say goodbye in their own personal way.

Direct Cremation – What Is Included?

At Somers & Currid we offer a direct cremation package that covers every aspect of the funeral. Our funeral directors will take care of the entire process for you, allowing you to grieve without the added difficulty of arranging a funeral. Our Unattended Direct Cremation package costs £1400, which includes:


  • Collection and care of the deceased
  • Making the necessary arrangements including cremation fee and paperwork
  • Provision of a foil coffin
  • Transport of the deceased to a local crematorium
  • Return of ashes or scattering of ashes in Garden of Remembrance

Direct Cremation in Stirling and Callander

To arrange a direct cremation in Stirling or Callander, or if you require further information, please contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly undertakers.

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