Pre-paid Funeral Plans

At Somers & Currid we offer Golden Charter funeral plans. Their selection of pre-paid funeral plans provide a range of options that cater to funerals and cremations of all types. From direct cremation to burials featuring a large scale ceremony however you envisage your funeral there is a plan to suit you.

Having a pre-paid funeral plan in place before you pass allows you to ensure all of the necessary arrangements and associated costs are taken care of in advance. Not only does this let you plan your funeral the way you want it, you will also gain peace of mind that the burden of the bereavement will not be passed to your loved ones. Our funeral directors will take care of the funeral services, allowing your family and friends the opportunity to mourn without the stress of having to arrange the funeral.

If you would like to set up a funeral plan, or you require more information on our available pre-paid funeral plans in Callander and Stirling, please get in touch. One of our friendly funeral directors will be more than happy to discuss all of the options and assist you in making the choice that is right for you.

Please Click Here to visit Golden Charter’s website for further details.

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