COVID-19 - There are currently restrictions in place concerning funeral services in Scotland which must be observed. Please visit the Scottish Government website for the up-to-date guidelines.

Obituary notices

Should you wish we will be able to assist you with the compilation and insertion of death announcements and acknowledgments in your local and/or national newspapers.

Some newspapers may dictate the length, format and style of the announcement. We can advise you appropriately along with an indication of the cost of the announcement.

The common inclusions of a newspaper announcement are outlined below:

Surname (this usually appears first)
The first name of the deceased
When (On August 15th 2008, the day of the week is usually omitted)
How (peacefully, after a long illness, suddenly…)
Where (at home, in hospital, in a nursing home…)
Age (only if desired)
Address (we suggest you just state the town or region – for security reasons)
Husband/Wife of (Beloved/Much loved/Loving Husband of…. Insert name)
Other relationships (Father/Mother of Grandad/Grandmother, brother, sister etc)
Funeral day and time
If funeral flowers are required (family flowers only or no flowers by request)
Donation details if being accepted (Enquiries to…. Or direct to chosen charity)